Тема: MPM Lite (MediaPoint Manager Lite)


MPM Lite is a real-time statistics solution for Windows Media Services 9 Series ™ streaming servers. MPM Lite provides real-time statistics to software like SAM Broadcaster, SOS and SimpleCast. MPM Lite also provides an API interface that will allow you to use statistics in your web application.


Who will use MPM Lite
- Streaming Media Hosting companies looking for a statistics solution to SpacialAudio encoding products.
- Medium to large organizations with streaming media statistic needs.
- Small businesses or individuals who want to view statistics in real-time.
- Anyone who needs to monitor statistics for single or multiple Media Points.
- Any Stream Hosting company who wished to become a CSSP for the StreamAds program.

Программа для сбора статистики с Windows Media серверов.