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The SHOUTcast Radio network consists of over 20,000 broadcasters from around the world, making it one of the Internet's leading online radio communities. As a community programmed service, SHOUTcast does not hand pick its stations. Anyone in the world — whether it's an individual broadcasting out of their basement or a professionally run radio affiliate — can setup a SHOUTcast station and be part of the network. Whether you're into popular or indie music, or want to check out local or world programming, you're sure to find something to like on SHOUTcast Radio.


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Tune into one of our many Internet radio options: SHOUTcast streams thousands of free online radios stations from around the world. Mediafly offers podcasts on a ton of topics: news, sports, comedy, fitness, science, travel, languages, entertainment, and much more. Radio Free Chumby has a dozen stations you can quickly tune into. Own a SlimServer device? You can stream your music collection over the chumby. Like even more Internet radio options? You can enter a URL for any stream in MP3, M3U, OGG or PLS formats.

You can also listen to any mp3 or m4a files on your iPod through the two stereo speakers while recharging it. (Not currently compatible with Apple iPhone, iPod Touch or 6th generation iPods.) The chumby will also play music from USB storage devices that are in mp3, ogg, wav, flac or m4a formats.



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Так и не понел что это за хрень,дружише разъясни плз )


Re: Chumby with SHOUTcast!

Такой маленький гаджет, проигрывает аудио, видео файлы, есть подключение к инету и собсно новая фича - возможность слушать любое интернет-радио, не только SHOUTcast.